About Mediliant

Mediliant is a contract manufacturing company in the Medical device industry.

Founded in 2013, we manufacture medical devices from raw material till sterile packaged products.

Located in Switzerland we deliver products worldwide.

We are providing to our customers a very responsive solution to their subcontracting needs with Swiss made products, complying to the different regulatory requirement (ISO13485, FDA, ANVISA,…).

Mediliant is providing highly customized solutions to large and small companies.

By leveraging the power of collaboration, we will help you achieve shorter time to market, more robust product design, and highly effective product launches.
We offer a full range of capabilities from design support to full integrated manufacturing, assembly and sterile packaging.

Mediliant manufacturing subcontractor of medical device

They are part of our culture and making our company unique. They are the filters for each decision we are making every day.

Management Team

Laetitia Doyon

Production Director

Laurent Ferreux

Industrial Director

Denis Leissing


Eric Sanseigne

Quality Director

Maud Vazquez

HR and Finance Director