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Mediliant is a contract manufacturing company in the Medical device industry.


Funded in 2013, we are manufacturing medical devices from raw material till sterile packaged products.

Located in Switzerland we deliver products worldwide.

We are providing to our customers a very responsive solution to their subcontracting needs with Swiss made products, complying to the different regulatory requirement (ISO13485, FDA,…)

Mediliant is providing highly customized solutions to companies large and small. By leveraging the power of collaboration, we will help you achieve shorter time to market, more robust product design, and highly effective product launches.

We offer a full range of capabilities from design support to full integrated manufacturing, assembly and sterile packaging.


Irish Orthopaedic Device Company, @OrthoXel Announce World’s First Patient Surgical Implantation of Apex Tibial Nailing System at Cork University Hospital and Dynamic Plans for Growth #orthopaedic

On March 8th - 9th, 30 surgeons and 7 distributors were trained on our MIS Solutions in Verona, under the leadership of our Faculties. We wish to all our attendees a continued success and great clinical achievements with using our products in the future!

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Let’s take the power of collaboration together

Make innovation and service, the pillars of our success

Provide solutions for your products





and others

Integrated outsourcing is the key to your success

4000 m2 of Swiss quality and passion


Core team dedicated
to Medical device manufacturing
Trained operators


Co-designing and Design for
Manufacturing activities > time to market
Lean mfg and 6 sigma tools > best in class mfg practices


ISO 13485 – FDA registred – SPC 15 years
Legacy history
in medical device

Customer services

Quotation, responsive order information,
short lead time, VMI services, d
elivery services, supply mgt